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The Latton Time Trial Series 2018

Date Event   Time Club
12/04/2018 Thursday Non-counting warm up  18:45 CCC
19/04/2018 Thursday   18:45 SRC
26/04/2018 Thursday   18:45 SWh
03/05/2018 Thursday   18:45 SRC
10/05/2018 Thursday   18:45 CCC
17/05/2018 Thursday   18:45 SRC
24/05/2018 Thursday   18:45 SWh
31/05/2018 Thursday   18:45 SRC
07/06/2018 Thursday   18:45 CCC
14/06/2018 Thursday   18:45 SRC
21/06/2018 Thursday   18:45 SWh
28/06/2018 Thursday   18:45 CCC
05/07/2018 Thursday   18:45 SRC
12/07/2018 Thursday   18:45 SWh
19/07/2018 Thursday   18:45 CCC
26/07/2018 Thursday   18:45 SRC
02/08/2018 Thursday   18:45 CCC
09/08/2018 Thursday   18:45 SRC
16/08/2018 Thursday   18:45 SRC
23/08/2017 Thursday   18:45 SWh
30/08/2017 Thursday CCC Hill Climb venue TBC 19:00 CCC
01/01/2019 Tuesday

New Year’s Day 10

(Gateway Cafe/Cotswold Outdoors)

10:00 SRC
    SRC = Swindon RC    
    CCC = Corinium CC     
    SWh = Swindon Wheelers    


Additional Notes

  • Event HQ for all the Events is the Bradstone Pavilion in Ashton Keynes unless stated otherwise
  • The evening time trials are held on the same course each Thursday evening throughout the summer months. Organisation for the time trials is shared between Corinium Cycling Club and Swindon Road Club.
  • The event HQ for registering and post-race results is the Bradstone Sports Ground, Ashton Keynes.
  • A map of the course is also shown below.
  • The time trial course is flat with the only 'hill' being the roundabout flyover over the A419, the course record is under 21 minutes.
  • A considerable amount of effort is invested by the respective organising clubs to make these events happen, in return, members and riders are requested to contribute their part to the process to ensure to the safe continuation of these events. Details of the duties and the latest rota can be found here

In addition to the normal CTT rules under which these events are run your attention is drawn to the following points;



1. Fees are £5.00 per rider (Except New Year's Day - £2.00 per rider)

2. Limited Numbers. On evenings where the number of participants is limited by the organizer, priority will go to SRC and CCC members.

3. New Time-Keepers will be in training during the season. Entrants are requested not to use the course as a warm-up circuit where they will cross the finish line 10 minutes (or later) after the start time of the event, which may add to confusion of the time-keeping role. The recommended route to the start is to use the Spine Road. Riders should be wary of the time they enter the course while the event is in progress if using the Cerney Wick route.

4. Route back to HQ. The recommended route back to the HQ after completing the event is to continue after the finish back down the Spine Road. (This minimises U-turns on the course).

5. Etiquette. Riders must be mindful of other road users at all time, especially at the start and finish of the course. The road to Driffield past the start point of the course must be kept clear for motorists and unimpeded by the tendency for cyclists to bunch together whilst waiting.

6. Handicap Series. Members wishing to qualify for the respective Clubs’ series must contribute to the Clubs’ help rosters for the requisite number of events.

7. Helmets are strongly recommended for all the events.

8. Rear lights are strongly recommened for all events. (Rear light should be a ‘proper full light’ and not back-up style.)

9. Underage Riders. Members may ride these events if 12 or older. If under 18 a Parental Consent Form from the respective organising Club must be completed prior to signing on. (One consent form covers the complete series).


Date Event Time Organising Club
28/03/2015 Saturday Come & Try It  #1 10:00 SRC
09/04/2015 Thursday *Non-counting warm up 18:45 CCC
16/04/2015 Thursday   18:45 SRC
23/04/2015 Thursday   18:45 CCC
30/04/2015 Thursday   18:45 SRC
07/05/2015 Thursday   18:45 CCC
14/05/2015 Thursday   18:45 SRC
21/05/2015 Thursday   18:45 CCC
28/05/2015 Thursday   18:45 SRC
04/06/2015 Thursday   18:45 CCC
11/06/2015 Thursday   18:45 SRC
18/06/2015 Thursday   18:45 CCC
25/06/2015 Thursday Come & Try It #2 18:45 SRC
02/07/2015 Thursday   18:45 CCC
09/07/2015 Thursday   18:45 CCC
16/07/2015 Thursday   18:45 SRC
23/07/2015 Thursday   18:45 SRC
30/07/2015 Thursday   18:45 CCC
06/08/2015 Thursday   18:45 SRC
13/08/2015 Thursday   18:45 CCC
20/08/2015 Thursday   18:45 SRC
*May be reduced to 1 lap dependent on numbers