Swindon Road Club (SRC) - Code of Conduct

Please ensure you read the Swindon Road Club Code of Conduct before joining club rides

It is mandatory that all riders adhere to the Code of Conduct at all times.

The following code of conduct is devised for the safety and benefit of Swindon Road Club and its members. Swindon Road Club is a successful Club and promotes safe cycling. The Code is no more than a formalisation of the basic principals of decency, manners and common sense that the Club would expect from all its members and covers how its members should act when riding on a Club ride.

When riding as a Club we have obligations:-

To the Club to behave in a manner that represents it in a good light, to us in terms of our own safety and well being and:

To our fellow Club members by assuring that our behaviour does not threaten the safety of other club members and road users.

Summary list:

  • Know the Highway Code and follow it at all times
  • Under 16s are welcome but must be accompanied by a responsible adult
  • You should satisfy yourself that a club ride is within your capability
  • Helmets are mandatory on all club rides
  • Mudguards are required with flaps on all rides 1st Nov to 1st March inclusive.
  • New riders as guests i.e., non-members, are welcome for up to 2 rides

Responsibility to the club

For your safety and the safety of others the Club expects all riders on Club rides to adhere to the rules of the road. Any disregard for the rules set out in the Highway Code and behaviour that endangers you or others may lead to disciplinary action by the Committee and in extreme cases involve Police action plus expulsion from the Club.

Club Rides are not races and members are expected to treat them appropriately. The Club provides a varied programme of rides from the social group to a fast training run, however all of these rides are for the enjoyment and development of its members and are not unofficial road races.

Responsibility to yourself

All bikes should be in reasonable repair and fully roadworthy. It is advised that a minimal tool kit is carried plus a mobile phone in case of emergencies.

Club runs continue regardless of the weather, it is advised that you dress appropriately and carry a waterproof on all the best of days. Club runs generally stop at cafes; however you are advised to carry water and food with you.

If you are a new member on a Club ride and are not confident of finishing the ride or suffering from mechanical problems let the Ride Leader or other riders know as soon as possible.

Responsibility to the group

Tri-bars – the use of all forms of spinacibars and tri-bars are strictly banned. Whilst the Club accept they may be permanently attached to your bike they must not be used during a Club ride.

Mudguards – Mudguards protect you, your bike and fellow riders: please respect your fellow Club members. Between October and March and during inclement weather the use of mudguards is highly recommended.

Portable music players - Safe riding requires everyone to use their eyes and ears at all times to be completely aware of their surroundings.  The use of portable music players/earphones is prohibited on sanctioned club rides.

Ride Discipline

Riders should ride no more than two abreast unless overtaking and only if it is safe to do so.

Riders should endeavour to ride smoothly and not brake without warning if it can be avoided – your actions have impacts on the riders behind you.

Shout warnings and signal to other riders if there is potential danger in the road e.g. moving motor vehicles (in front & behind the group), stationary or parked vehicles, pot holes, any other obstacles, walkers and horses.

Riders must keep their hands on the handlebars at all times unless signalling.  Riding no-handed in the group, for whatever reason, is an unnecessary danger to the entire group and is not permitted.

When riding as a group you should always allow for riders behind you.

Groups should allow appropriate gaps in traffic and slow to allow enough time for the entire group to negotiate obstacles safely.

Should the group be split due to any circumstances all riders in the front group should slow down or find a safe place to stop and reform before proceeding.

All riders in a group will always have an obligation to stop and assist any of its riders suffering from mechanical or physical problems.

The group should always wait for the last rider unless that rider clearly requests to be left to continue on their own.

No rider should leave the group without first notifying the Ride Leader or other riders.

Ride Leaders

Ride Leaders will endeavour to ensure that the rules laid out in the Code of Conduct are adhered to and that the Club ride is conducted in a safe and well-organised fashion. However it is the responsibility of ALL riders to assist the Ride Leader in this duty.

On a Swindon Road Club sanctioned ride i.e. those advertised on the SRC website, the Ride Leader is the official representative of the Club and their instructions must be adhered to.

Rider Leaders are to make themselves known to all new cyclists and Club members.

Ride Conduct

Know the Highway Code

Look over your shoulder before starting any manoeuvre

If you need to stop for any reason shout “STOPPING” before you start to slow down. Always try to stop close to the verge or a place that is safe,

Ride in single file on busy roads and in circumstances where it would be dangerous for vehicles to pass, if in doubt always defer to the Ride Leaders judgement.

Never ride more than two abreast unless overtaking and only if it is safe to do so.

Keep a safe distance from the rider in front.

Take care on country lanes, looking over hedges and listening for approaching traffic. When riding in the outside position of the leading pair always hold back approaching blind corners – there maybe be a car approaching.

Change to single file riding when the call “single out” is heard – this maybe so a car can pass or an obstacle needing to be passed. This is normally done by each inside rider moving forward to allow the outside rider to slot into the gap made behind.

Pass Ride Leaders instructions and messages up or down the line of riders so everyone can follow suit.

Approaching or following junctions each rider should check that any riders following are still there, if not wait before or just after the junction and inform the Ride Leader.

At a junction do not block the sight of motorists already waiting to pull out.

Riders wishing to leave the group must notify the Ride Leader or another rider in the group.

Other Safety Factors

There is no legal requirement in the United Kingdom to wear a helmet and there are arguments for and against their effectiveness, however, Swindon Road Club insists that you wear a helmet if you're taking part in any of its sanctioned club rides.

Cycles must be legal and road worthy, please carry front and rear lights when necessary. Consider duplicating rear lights - LED types are now very good.

Swindon Road Club strongly recommends the wearing of light coloured or reflective clothing at night.

Swindon Road Club members should at all times be courteous to all other road users.

The Code of Conduct is set out to ensure ALL members of Swindon Road Club can gain maximum enjoyment and benefit from Club Rides and to promote safe cycling, it also outlines the minimum standards expected by ALL members on ALL sanctioned Club rides.


Information for Parents/Young Persons and Club Rides

The following terms are used:

• Anyone under the age of 16 is considered to be a child/young person.

• The term parent is used as a generic term to represent parents, carers and other responsible guardians.

A child is welcome on a regular club ride when his or her parents judge that he or she is mature enough to cope with traffic and strong enough to complete the ride. The shorter club rides e.g. Saturday Development Ride, are seldom less than 35 miles with an average speed of approximately 16 mph.

Those under the age of 16 must be accompanied and supervised by a parent at all times.

The rides are not coached sessions and there is not an organiser with legal responsibility for other riders. A club ride is simply a group of riders on a joint excursion on the open road which may include sections on busy roads.

It is the responsibility of parents to ensure that their child’s bike is roadworthy, safe, and suitable for the activity they are taking part in.

All riders are expected to be self-sufficient and should bring their own drinks, snacks and spare inner tube(s) money, tyre levers, pump and money for refreshment stops.