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Swindon Road Club are active all year round and have a number of regular rides for members and guests to take part in.

Please make sure that you have read our Code of conduct and group riding tips before taking part in any of our rides, especially group riding tips part 2 if you're joining the Tuesday Evening Club Rides.

Rides start promptly so ensure you are at the meeting point in good time.

Those under the age of 16 must be accompanied and supervised by a parent at all times. See our Code of Conduct for more information for parents and younger riders.

All riders are expected to be self-sufficient and should bring their own drinks, snacks and spare inner tube(s) money, tyre levers, pump and money for refreshment stops.






Average speed

Suggested ride progression

Saturday Morning (C)

(09:30 - Hook Close)

30 miles

Waterside Café (fortnightly)

Alternative Café (every other week, see Facebook)


16-18 mph max

For new to group riding and inexperienced riders to gain fitness and bike craft

Saturday Morning (B)

(09:30 – Hook Close)



Chedworth Farm Shop (fortnightly)

Alternative Café (every other week, see Facebook)

Flat or


16-18 mph

For more experienced riders who want a longer steady ride to gain more fitness and stamina

Saturday Morning (A)

(09:30 – Hook Close)

45-60 miles

Chedworth Farm Shop (fortnightly)

Alternative Café (every other week, see Facebook

Flat or



For more experienced riders who want to a longer faster ride to gain more fitness and stamina

Sunday Morning Club Ride

(09:00 – Town Hall)

65 to 120 miles

Various – communicated on Facebook


18 mph

For experienced riders who want a longer ride to gain more fitness and stamina

Tuesday Evening - Steady ride

(18:15 - Casa Paolo car park)

25-30 miles

Flat Route to the north of Swindon


18 mph max

For new to group riding and inexperienced riders to gain fitness and bike craft

Tuesday Evening Club Ride

(18:15 - Casa Paolo car park and additional fortnightly Kingsdown meets)

25-30 miles

Flat - 30 miles

Hilly - 40 miles

Flat or


Fast Group - 23 - 25+ mph

Medium Group - 21 - 23 mph

First Group - 19 to 21 mph

For experienced riders who want to cycle under race type conditions and speeds

Thursday Evening Summer Club 10 Mile Time Trial Series

( Ashton Keynes )

10 miles

Latton Road TT route


As quick as you can go!

Open to ALL Club Members – ALL abilities welcomed and encouraged to join in!

Saturday Rides - Winter start 9:30am & Summer start 9:00am

All Saturday rides will start at the same time on Saturday’s for 2018 and will cater for all ride abilities; from experienced to new club members.

Meet at Hook Close just off Swinley Drive at 09:20am for a 09:30am start in winter (1st November – 1st March) then meet 8:50am for a 9:00am start in Summer (2nd March – 31st October).

The routes will vary on a fortnightly basis to different café destination.


i) Fast A group (indicative average pace of 18-20mph)

ii) Steady B Group (16-18 mph)

iii) Short Steady C group (replacing the development ride)


Fortnightly to Chedworth (Groups A and B) and Waterside Cafe (C)

Alternating fortnights to a different cafe stop (40-60 miles, groups A & B) and New cafe stop (~30-35 miles C). Routes to vary each time from a number of cafe options. The route will be advertised on the open and closed Facebook pages and communicated at the start of rides.

Group A/B

This ride is a good option for those that have been regularly riding either of the other Saturday rides and/or those that would like to ride a few more miles on a Saturday, it is also a good way to increase your fitness and endurance if you wish to ride the Sunday Club rides. Group A/B will go to the same café location.

Group A will maintain a fairly prompt pace and is best suited for riders who like a fast pace. The group will keep together of the flat and wait for riders at the top of hills as per all rides. It is likely that they pace of this group will average around 18-20mph but in summer it may be higher. The ride speed of this group will often be higher than 20mph.

Group B will maintain a steady pace and is a good option if you are wanting to do a longer ride option or just fancy a steadier pace. The group will keep together of the flat and wait for riders at the top of hills as per all rides. Riders may occasionally increase the pace in this group but on the whole it will be steadier than Group A.

Group C

This is the best group and ride to start with if you are a novice rider or this is your first time out with the group, please make yourself known to the ride leader at the start. Most club members start out this way but find that after a few weeks their fitness and bike handling improves and the ride becomes easier.

The routes will be generally flat and each group stays together at a steady pace until the last few miles for the more adventurous. A road bike is recommended as it is unlikely someone with a mountain bike with knobbly tyres will be able to maintain the pace.

Group C rides will typically be a distance of approx. 30 miles so please make sure you are confident with this distance. Pace will vary depending on weather conditions and no new rider will be left behind on their own.

All rides:

  • Rider & group safety is paramount so please arrive with a cycling helmet, suitable clothing, spare tube, mobile phone & cash for the cafe stop.
  • All groups must ride as a group with good ride etiquette exercised at all times.
  • All groups will have a ride leader, please follow their instructions.
  • Return to West Swindon will typically be before 1pm.

Sunday Morning Rides - All Year Round start 9.00am

Sunday rides are typically longer and harder club rides, often taking hilly routes in every direction from Swindon. Routes vary from week to week and are dependent on weather conditions with routes often decided on the wind direction forecast. Routes will be shared on Facebook once confirmed.

We will have a Short Ride option from March 2018 and will be about 40-50 miles. Both rides start together from the Town Hall but will split into a couple of separate rides.

  • Long Ride - Usually about 70 to 80 miles, hilly and generally quicker ride lead by an experienced club rider. Bring money for a cafe stop. Different route each week.
  • Short Ride – (From March 2018 onwards) usually about 40 to 50 miles. The first part of the ride is ridden with the Long Ride group, at the same quicker pace. It may become steadier once the Long and Short Rides split. Without a cafe stop for those riders who prefer to do a few less miles and return to Swindon a bit sooner.

Both rides start together but at some point on the ride those riders doing the shorter ride will branch off and make their way back to Swindon.

During the summer the last Sunday of the month is usually a longer 100+ mile ride which starts at the earlier time of 08:00. Dates to be confirmed soon.