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Swindon Road Club - Club 10 Roles & Responsibilities




Event Coordinator


  • All Mandatory roles are fulfilled prior to the evening of the event.
  • As many Preferable/Optional roles as possible are fulfilled prior to the evening of the event.
  • HQ gate and building are unlocked no later than 1 hour before the published event start time.
  • Sufficient provisions (including milk) for refreshments are available.
  • Results are available, on the evening of the event, to the person responsible for publishing them on the website.
  • Keys and existing stock of provisions for refreshments are with the Event Coordinator of the next SRC event no later than 3 days prior to the event.

Deputy Event Coordinator


  • As Event Coordinator (when required)

Signing On Official


From 1 hour before the published event start time until 15 minutes before the published event start time.

  • Completion of signing on sheet.
  • Collection of entry fees.
  • Issue of start numbers.
  • Making riders (in particular new riders) aware of:
    • their start time.
    • where the start is and how to get there.
    • how long it takes to get to the start.
    • the need to call their number to the finish timekeeper when crossing the finish line.
  • Completion of Start Sheet.
  • When necessary, assisting Event Coordinator to fulfil any Mandatory roles that remain vacant on the evening of the event (see notes 2 & 3).  Where there are insufficient people to fulfil all Preferable and Optional roles, they should be fulfilled in the order listed below.



  • Placement of signs on the course as outlined in the risk assessment (prior to the published event start time).

Start Timekeeper


  • Collection of Start Sheet, laptops/stop watches and any later start numbers (see note 3) from the HQ.
  • Starting the laptops/stop watches at the start line at the published event start time.
  • Checking new riders are familiar with the course.
  • Setting riders off at their allotted start time.

When all riders have started:

  • Taking the start laptop to the finish to be used as back up in case of problems with the finish laptop.
  • Notify Finish Timekeepers of any late starters and additional riders
  • Assisting at the finish as required.

Finish Timekeeper


  • Liaising with the Start Timekeeper at the start line to start the laptops/stop watches.
  • Placement of Finish Board at finish line.
  • Logging of riders’ finish times.
  • Completion of Results Sheet.
  • Delivery of Results Sheet to the HQ.

Publishing Results


  • Obtaining results on the evening of the event (including Corinium events). When the event cannot be attended in person, alternative arrangements for obtaining results must be made.
  • Publishing results and updated points tables on the website updated no later than the end of the day following the event.  When this deadline cannot be met, a note of the revised timescales should be placed on the website.

Marshal (Spine Road Roundabout)


  • Direction of riders.
  • Warning riders of approaching traffic.

Marshal (Marston Meysey Roundabout)


  • Direction of riders.
  • Warning riders of approaching traffic.



  • Refreshments are available no later than 30 minutes after the published event stat time.

Pusher Off


  • Holding and Pushing riders off from the start line.
  • Checking new riders are familiar with the course.

Finish Line Spotter


  • Assisting Finish Timekeeper in identifying riders as they approach/cross the finish line.


  1. Any changes to the duties agreed and published on the website must be notified to the Event Coordinator and Deputy Event Coordinator by Message Board PM no later than 9 p.m. on the day before the event.
  2. It may be possible for certain roles to be fulfilled by the same person e.g. Signing On Official and Start Timekeeper, Signage and Finish Timekeeper etc.
  3. It will be permissible for duties to be shared by two people to enable both of them to ride the event. Any such arrangements must be notified to the Signing On Official when signing on.  One rider will be allocated a start number of 1 – 5 and the other rider one of the last 5 start numbers.  If the latter cannot be determined at the time of signing on, the Start Timekeeper will take the start numbers to the start line for collection by the later rider.  It will be the responsibility of the rider to collect their start number and allow sufficient time to then take up their post.  The later rider must not leave their post until the early rider is in position and ready to take over the duty.
  4. On completion of their ride, rather than returning to the HQ, riders (particularly early starters) are encouraged to assist with any Preferable/Optional duties that are not being fulfilled.
  5. Collection of signs from the course for return to the HQ will be agreed on the evening of the event.