2024 Time Trial Results

Competition Tables

A reminder that all riders must remain on the left hand side of the road when approaching the first roundabout and as close to the left hand verge as is safe unless overtaking another rider.

Riders in the Road Bike Category are reminded that riding in the ‘puppy paws’ position is not permitted as per Regulation 14 of the CTT Regulations. Riders in breach of this regulation will be disqualified from the event.

Names in italics denote Road BikeĀ 

11 April 2024 – Prologue 5.2 Miles

PositionStart NumberNameClubSplit TimeTimeSpeed
117Marcello GrossiSwindon Wheelers 00:10:4828.89
230Karl Norris360 VRT 00:10:5728.49
32Jeremy RedfordArmy Cycling Union 00:11:0128.32
429Niel DunnagePDQ Coaching 00:11:0728.07
518Paul CookTeam Swindon Cycles 00:11:2327.41
69Aaron WilliamsTeam Swindon Cycles 00:11:3826.82
735Roy CarlessSwindon RC 00:11:5926.04
823James Pugh360 VRT 00:12:0026.00
928Charlotte BerrySwindon Wheelers 00:12:1525.47
1020Thomas MeierFTP Racing 00:12:1725.40
115Mark SysumPerformance Cycles 00:12:3924.66
1215Jo SpencerSwindon Wheelers 00:12:4224.57
137Liffey Daniels360 VRT 00:12:5324.22
1424Myles ThwaitesTeam Swindon Cycles 00:12:5524.15
1514Michael SpencerSwindon Wheelers 00:13:0223.94
1625Jo WilkieCheltenham CCC 00:13:0423.88
173Andy Duff360 VRT 00:13:0823.76
184Corinne Clark361 VRT 00:13:1023.70
1931Mike FirthCorinium CC 00:13:1323.61
2034Andy ClaxtonTeam Swindon Cycles 00:13:1623.52
2136Trevor HodgesStroud Valley Velos 00:13:1723.49
2222Gary BealeSwindon Wheelers 00:13:2723.20
2326Justin EdeSwindon Wheelers 00:13:3423.00
2437John HargreavesSwindon Wheelers 00:13:4322.75
2527Sean MallonTeam Swindon Cycles 00:14:0022.29
268John SimmonsPerformance Cycles 00:14:0222.23
2713Tom HoldenSwindon Wheelers 00:14:0622.13
2839Jim WoodcockRolling Reptiles 00:14:3521.39
291Lew LawtonSwindon RC 00:14:4721.10
306Paul FuchsSwindon Wheelers 00:15:1320.50
3110Chris GibbsPerformance Cycles 00:15:3819.96
3212James HeadspeathPerformance Cycles 00:15:3919.94
3321Nigel DaviesSwindon Wheelers 00:15:4019.91
3432Wing ToSwindon Wheelers 00:16:0819.34
3538Chris StanleySwindon RC 00:16:1919.12
3616Meena MorrishSwindon Wheelers 00:18:3616.77
3711Charles RussellSwindon Wheelers 00:19:2616.05
3833Kyall SteabSwindon Wheelers 00:21:0514.80

24 August 2023